Music of Christ, Spirit Come

Resta began studying A Course in Miracles in 1978, a short time after the book was published. She studied it for a few years and then joined a spiritual community that was not associated with the Course. She came back to the Course again later, but felt like she was stagnating as opposed to experiencing the peace and joy she knew was her natural inheritance. Resta began going over to the Peace House in Cincinnati, Ohio to talk to David about the practical application of A Course in Miracles. Often, they would sit at the kitchen table and chat for hours.
After these talks, Resta would take long walks in a large cemetery, listening to the many cassette tapes David had recorded over many years on the metaphysics and application of A Course in Miracles. She would boil her questions down to one main "Question/Topic of the Day," and later she and David would sit down and discuss it, going into it very deeply. Resta would then experience the Answer as an insight.
Every time she opened the channel of her mind after a talk with David, the angels would give her the lyrics and music for a song. Although Resta was not trained as a musician, she later recorded the songs onto a CD. The angels used her willingness to Awaken, giving her the songs and the lyrics as a gift of Love to be shared with the world.
The angels say the songs have healing vibrations. The lyrics are very inspiring and based on ideas from A Course in Miracles.

Spirit, Come, includes the following songs:

1. Spirit
2. Come, Come
3. Be Still
4. Let the Spirit
5 Saturday Song
6. I Surrender
7. Love
8. Joining Song
9. Heart of Christ
10. In the Center
11. Come, Day
12. Angels
13. You are My Destination
14. Spirit, Come
15. Glory Rise
16. Child of Peace
17. Look & See the Angels
18. Seeds of Love
19. Shine Through Me

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